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do think it should have been? here is what you post address book. >> yes, it creates jobs, stimulate the economy but drug traffickers out of business. >> no no. a slippery slope. gerri: i agree. also on to. gerri: percent said no. obamacare drama, the cbo estimate in health care law will cost one point* $3 trillion over 10 years and is questioning readiness of the state insurance exchanges, never fear states are hiring navigators' helping people to register but according to the "washington post" state officials are facing a herculean task to find them that cost will come from the
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exchanges it and from the fees but those are not available until 2014. but in the meantime some could be funded by state budgets, a private money or grants not good news but california is planning to hire 21,000 and the tab will go into hundreds of millions , another unintended consequence of obamacare. none of them have been good. that is my $0.2 more.t he have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. white h. the president today made his
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plea for help in deferring the onset of the sequestered for another few months. it sounds a lot more like an order for more of the same short term, small minded fakes that has become the way washington of late. >> this congress cannot act immediately on a bigger package. if they cannot get a bigger package done by that time the sequester is scheduled fox business to affect then i believe they should at least passed a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging effects of a sequester for fear -- few more months. lou: headed in the right direction icaria statement considering that it contracted the last quarter, and as he is fond of doing, insisted that republicans give him something for the privilege of doing his bidding. he wants more revenue.
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tonight we focus on the economy, congressional budget office today not happen the president. as it predicted more fiscal and economic pain for the foreseeable future. projecting another 7 million people will lose their job based health insurance because of obamacare. the cbo director says high unemployment is here to stay. >> under current law we expect that the unemployment rate will remain above seven and a half% through next year. that would make 2014 that sixth year in a row that unemployment is so high, the longest such in 70 years. lou: today president of bollinger and at least part of his focus from sequestration and control the illegal immigration. again, the president not helped when democratic congressman john conyers today declared of the
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house judiciary -- judiciary immigration hearing that there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. >> i hope no one uses the term illegal immigrants here today. our citizens are not -- the people in this country are not illegal, they are of a status. lou: congressman john conyers. the united states is an unusual country. this venture brings in more immigrants, legal and illegal then any other country, but also performs more abortions than any other country. and an important knew book lays out how are historically low birthrates in this country are a foundation for disaster. author, columnist, conservative commentator joining me to discuss his important knew book, what to expect when no one is expecting. we begin tonight with the president to wishes he had never
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heard the word sequester. but the economy contracting in the latest reading of gdp and the rap -- rapidly approaching onset of dramatic budget spending cuts that would further slow our economy, the president is asking congress to bail him out of a fiscal crisis of his own making, trying to defer sequester, which was his administration's idea. president obama showing no sign of regret or even irony nor any sign that his refusal to support a legally mandated budget by yesterday's deadline would have tempered, if not resolved the entire fiscal mess. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> warning the nation' economic recovery is in the balance, president obama pled with congress to a stop a series of massive spending cuts come barging into instead come up with a short-term come up of lesserpending cuts plus tax
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increases beyond what he signed at the end of december. >> if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, then i believe that they should at least pass a smaller package. >> the president said this quest to put hundreds of thousands of jobs in jeopardy from classrooms to the pentagon and defens contractors like lockheed martin which today announced hundreds of layoffs. mr. obama said damage can be stopped if only republicans will instead accept the white house final offer from last december, meaning of to $600 billion more tax hikes through cutting deductions plus cuts to medicare and other programs. >> my health care proposals to achieve the same amount of savings by the beginning of the next decade as the reforms that have been proposed by the bipartisan bowles and sent this commission which republicans were not amused the president added is live of and around this anti house majority leader eric cantor was delivering a big
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speech. specific spending cuts and no knew tax hikes to shut off the sequester. >> there is no greater moral imperative then to reduce the mountain of debt that is facing us, our children, and there's. >> white house officials say they have been specific about $350 billion in medicare cuts. when asked when the president does not meet the deadline for unveiling his budget for the third straight year spokesman jay carney blamed republicans saying this "with talks delayed the process. >> why didn't he said the deadline for his own budget. >> what the president has talked about in recent days where we are governing, especially with regard to our fiscal and economic matters in a state of constant crisis. >> a group of liberal house democrats came up today and said they want not just the taxes but also new spending as part of this deal, signed up parties are
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very far apart with a march march 1st deadline on the sequester women. lou: fox news chief white house correspondent. a white house also announced late today the president will travel to israel this pring. the first overseas trip of his second term. well, what would you do if you were the president facing a contracting economy more than 20 million people out of work, underemployed, or simply quit looking for work. mr. obama has chosen to take on the issue of gun rights and take up the issue of illegal immigration. today he met with labor leaders and ceos about how immigration reform might affect business and the economy. on capitol hill the house judiciary committee heldits first year and immigration reform. fox's chief congressional correspondent mike emanu-el has our report. >> this was about tryi to get a rate. have the american people. >> solving the nation's immigration problem is not a race, and he praised the bipartisan innovate in the
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senate and those in the house trying to fix the system that does not work. >> and going to applaud my colleagues on both sides of the capitol and in both parties who have worked together to try to solve one of the bigger issues that we are dealing with in our country. that is the issue of immigration . both legal and illegal immigration. >> the house judiciary committee held its first hearing of this congress looking into the issue this morning. a leading republican suggested tackling what is wrong with legal immigration first making sure high-skilled workers can stay here. >> let's not let the more contentious issues and this idea of comprehensive reform prevent us from this year, this month, and the next two to three months passing something to address what is a horrible situation in this country, retrainee people to go back to their countries and compete against us. >> the mayor of san antonio, texas, spoke in favor of a comprehensive approach.
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>> further strengthen border security to mastermind illegal immigration process so that law-abiding companies can get the workers need in this 20 per century global economy and create a path the citizenship to bring the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country out of the shadows and into the full light of the american dream. >> though some republicans say is important to emphasize border security and to be fair to estimated 5 million people hoping to illegally go to america following the rules. >> some are waiting an average of seven years because of all the bureaucratic red tape. >> after a progressive and labor leaders met with president obama today, the afl-cio richard trumka said the status quo does not work. >> you were talking about trying to fix a broken system, a system that does not work for anybody in the country. talking about common sense comprehensive reform. >> fixing it can be so tricky and a bipartisan group of house lawmakers has been meeting secretly trying to hammer a deal
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. expected to unveil a very detailed plan. perhaps legislative language in the next week. lou: aother plan. thank you very much. fox news chief congressional correspondent. well, but the obama administration in a bipartisan senate gang of eight are now pushing comprehensive immigration reform proposals. our first guest tonight urged a thoughtful, incremental approach during today's judiciary committee hearing. >> this will be a massive undertaking with implications for the future direction of our nation. as such, we must to move forward methodically and evaluate this issue i stages, taking care to fully that the pros and cons of each piece. lou: joining us now, chairman of the house judiciary committee, chairman bob gridlock. good to have you with us, mr. chairman. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: the issue of immigration reform, the big word attached all of that is comprehensive.
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that seems to be that the principal, defining, descriptive word in all of this and wat i have heard so many people say is we have a broken immigration system or a broken border security system, and we need a rational, objective, humane reform of existing immigration reform to give people at least a legal status to r here in most cases for a long and about of time illegally. why this fascination with the word comprehensive? >> well, a lot of these issues relate to each other. people are interested in having a legal status were people who are now lawfully year also want to know ow you're going to stop this from happening again. the last time it was done in 1986 they thought they had the solution, gave amnesty to people who are here unlawfully and employ sanctions against employers who hire those in the future.
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that power was never enforced. the problem got worse, not better. we don't want to repeat that in the air for we are undertaking this time. then to me if you give legal status to people, you have lots of sectors of our economy where workers are right now and we may need to have a program that allows those sectors of the economy, like agriculture, to have temporary workers to much of phil and for those that have been working, perhaps without lawful status in many instances so that those industries don't go overseas. we have got to take a look at all of the different components, but we can only do what we have consensus on, and that consensus won't come here in the congress. welcome from the american people. we have to educate members and then get them to listen to their constituents and give us feedback as to what we can do that will work and that will be somethinacceptable to the public. lou: mr. chairman, may i congratulate you? you have just become the first
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congressman or senator with whom i have spoken on this issue of the course of the past decade to say that he did not want to go out to educate the american people but rather to educate congress and go out to the american people to hear their views, concerns, thoughts, and ideas. naturally, sincerely company you for that and i think that is such a critically important perspective of our nation's leader. >> we have representative democracy, and a lot of people overlook that when they look to a congress to rush in to solve a problem, * we russian -- we had to push past something that does not solve the problem or did it builds up to a large piece of legislation and then it collapses as immigration reform it in the senate a few years ago neither of those approaches is good. i think the approach of looking at each aspect of this program and trying to find common ground is where we are starting, and i think it has the most prospect
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of valleys solving some of these problems some of not finding that big a solution to the overall problem, but it has to include both what you do in a humane fashion with millions of people who are not here lawfully and would you do to prevent it from happening again and addressed the dislocation that will occur with whenever we do as a solution to the problem. lou: what is, of course, as you pot out, and the national interest. let mesk you, so little correlation in this country between what we need in a way of skills and education levels and the immigrants we see, what is your initial perspective on that issue? >> well, the united states is the most generous immiration policy. we admit a million people per year to lawful, permanent resident status, and only a small percentage of that our people with skills that we have identified that we need to help
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grow our economy. yet our universities to educate far more than any in the world in terms of people with graduate degrees in science and technology and engineering and math, the so-called stem categories. what we need to do is to make sure that we look at our immigration from the standpoint of should we do what the united kingdom or canada do, 60 percent of their lawful immigrants are related to job skills and educational background as opposed to other qualifications that reason the united states. that has to be a part of tis overall immigration reform process. what can we do to help american workers by keeping talent here that creates new company, as brilliant ideas and create new jobs for americans as well as keep them here after we have educated them here. lou: congressman, we appreciate you being here. chairman of the house judiciary committee. thank you very much. much more on that the right fix
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for our broken, illegal immigration system as well as our legal immigration system. we take that up with the "a-team." ♪ lou: what nation will allow more than 10 million illegal immigrants to cross its borders but kill as many as 50 million fetus's over a half century. the political, economic and cultural consequencesof a demographic cliff in tonight's "chalk talk." the numbers are out, the outlook is bleak. former cbo diector tells us what the possibilities are next. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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♪ lou: president obama calling on congress for another short term fix to avoid the defense
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sequester, the congressional budget office out with a bleak outlook on unemployment, and we will be talking about that with a former cbo director here in just moments. on wall street today stocks rebounded from yesterday's sell-off. the worst of the year to date. oriole prices rising today for the best levels in more than six years, selling and a faster rate. the dow jones industrials up 99 points, s&p up 15 and a half holding above the 1500 level. the nasdaq gaining 40. volume on the big board, three nap billion shares. joe going private, the deal led by michael dell. microsoft lending $2billion to the deal. in the bond market today interest rates rose. the 10-year rising back above 2%. gold down $2.90 per ounce, oil up $0.47, pushing the price of a barrel of crude to 9664 system beginning of the year. risen almost $4 per barrel. as the price of crude has risen,
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of course, so as the price of a gallon of gasolin. aaa says the national average price of a gallon of unleaded is $3.503, the highest has ever been for this time of year. last year at this time the price was $3.48. the federal budget deficit expected to show short-term improvement this your according to the congressional budget office, declining to $845 billion from 1 trillion. the annual deficit expected to go as low as 430 billion by 2015 before soaring to almost a trillion dollars by 20203. joining us now to assess all of this is former director of the congressional budget office and president of the american action forum. let me start with, the president today insisting that he have, well, new revenue. just so that the congress would
10:23 pm
have the privilege of somehow saving him from himself and pushing back the impact of this sequester that his white house offered. does it get any more curious than that? >> it just proves we are in a budget another world. the numbers today are living short of terrific. $7 trillion in deficits over the next ten years. is coming after we raise 600 billion in taxes. what does the president say? well, let's not do the spending cuts, which we are counting on to keep it down to 7 trillion. instead to raise taxes, which we already proven does not solve the problem. you have to have a pretty good sense of humor to like it that seriously. lou: and to look at you have to have a pretty good sense of humor to put this in context of the history of this president and fiscal issues. does not pose for the budget. the senate has not passed one commend the president of the united states said this back in
10:24 pm
2011. november 41st. already, he said, some in congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts, much like he did today at 115 eastern time. my message to them back in 2011, no, i will be there through any effort to get rid of automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending said the break president at that point. your reaction? >> that was president obama circa 2011. candid obama in a debate set sequester is just not going to happen. did not explain how. president obama circa 2013 says it should not happen for couple of months. let's buy some time, and pointing to capitol hill to solve it. in a particular solution. let's remember, this is all a tempest in a teapot. the biggest picture was one with a sepia -- cbo's said we have growth. significantly, they marked down
10:25 pm
the long-term prospects for the ited states produce significantly. here at going to grow a decade from now very fast indeed cannot fix these problems without robust growth. troubling statements. the second being that the good @%ws, the back of the deficit is getting smaller as the economy recovers is really coming so slowly, and we have solved none of the long-term problems. we are playing with, you know, ten billionaire, 5 billion here. that larger than the economy, and it will stay that way for decades. lou: until everyone understands that there has to be a prudent, rational, fiscal policy pursued by both parties, we are on the verge, and seems to me, being a detonation in perpetuity. when you talk about growth, the only way to read at least deal with the problems that face us now is to restore growth. as you said, the big issue is growth.
10:26 pm
at think some of the most optimistic projections i have ever seen from a president whose economy is contracting combat least at the time he made the projectionon. are you kidding me? >> it is just not oing to happen in these circumstances, and that is one of the great fiction is that is being pushed at the american people is that we have to choose between gross and fixing our budget. we don't. fixing the budget is part of better growth. it is simply not a good growth policy to sail straight toward a fiscal disaster which is a we're heading for right now. we would be well advised to do a u-turn on the budget. we need a sensible, rational, bipartisan fiscal policy. right now we have a house that passes budgets unless said that does not allow president to rarely even engages, and we don't have a plan. we have now come to when they're usually bad.
10:27 pm
lou: frankly, the efforts being made by either party when it comes to restoring growth in this economy to deal with the fiscal issues, the debt issues, the deficit issues, i mean, these are woefully inadequate and i think inarticulate advocates whether it be from the white house or whether it be from capitol hill. always articulate, and we appreciate you being here. >> thanks phil maloof. lou: bring in such as well. up next, a brand new book puts america's declining birthrate at the rate of many of our nation's issues and bills. we will show you the reasons why end the "chalk talk" minutes we take it up with the book's author. coming up. did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity.
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♪ lou: louisiana as one of the
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smartest governors in the country, governor bob be gentle, a republican who recently said the republican partneeds to stop being the stupid party. i'm sorry, governor, but there is a lot of stupid going on in washington, and it is not all republicans, believe me. both parties are, frankly, now the party's a stupid. i don't kw about you, but i, frankly, am tired of all the talk about budget, sequestrations, entitlement spending when we have so much to when not in this country that, frankly, is influencing the outcomes, and out comes, by the way, include the amount of entitlement spending, deficits, and the way in which our elected officials are speaking to us and the decisions that they are making in not making. we need to start talking in this country abut the bigger problems, bigger issues, and bigger ideas. tonight we're going to talk with an author who says america is facing a demographic cliff, a demographic potentially disaster
10:32 pm
. america is in the midst of a baby bust. that's right. a baby bust that will get much worse before we can turn it around. america, just under two which means it is short of replacement levels. we don't have enough babies for replacing the current population we take a look at the middle class. college education. they have a fertility rate of just over one and a half. so how'd you put that in context? china and its dreaded of one child policy. welcome our middle-class is just one-tenth of a point higher than scientists one-and-a-half fertility rate.
10:33 pm
what happens if your children are born? japan had an average economic growth rate of just under five nap%. this is japan. and over that almost a quarter-century, that is an extraordinary performance. but then over the past two decades because of that falling fertility rate, their economy has grown by an average of just about, on average, 1% per year. japan's fertility rate plummeted over the same time. it stands at 13. here on "lou dobbs tonight" will be talking about what our counnry's doing to itself and what politicians do not have the guts or, perhaps, the intellect to address this crisis. the author will be talking with
10:34 pm
tonit rode a book entitled what to expect when no one is expecting. the obama justice department escalates the drug war and the escalates due process. killing americans, no problem. the "a-team" is next with that debate. and a historic day in cairo. the president of egypt embraces eric -- the iranian president. where is president obama? our nation is facing a demographic disaster. america with its own one child policy. author of the new book what to expect when no one is expecting.
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♪ lou: my next guest says the united states was to continue to lead the world, then we must
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have babies, more babies, alot more babies. joining me now, to talk about our demographic decline and the potential consequences of both politics and our economy, senior writer for the standard, author of this brand new book, what to expect when no one is detecting. america coming demographic disaster. great to have you with this, and congratulations on this terrific book, very important book. let's start with, i thought we were doing well. i hear a lot of discussion, the youngest of doing super. now you introduce us to the reality. >> and the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. we are doing pretty well among the cohort of industrialized nations, we are still below the facility level, below the replacement rate, and the truth is, our real problem has been masked by our immigration.
10:39 pm
30 billion aggressive of the past 30 years. suppose the blood of our demographic profile, and we look exactly like europe. lou: exactly like europe. we have also according to the most recent numbers that i have looked at, the institute, we are talking about more than 50 million abortions in this country in the course of the past half century. this is steading stuff. >> particularly when you put it in context. it's only 4 million births per year, some 54 million abortions, that is more than a decade's worth. lou: sometimes math is not where we intend, but nonetheless when you're talking of 4 million births, that seems like a lot, but this is a very big country. they looked at the affect on the
10:40 pm
fertility rate. the reasonably small effect on white, larger effect of hispanic , and xbox significant other black americans. in. lou: why? >> because black americans have abortion more frequently as a percentage of the population. this is an impact in some of us think about as really quite awful. >> i think it is extraordinary that we have so little discussion of these realities in our national media amongst our political leaders. it was not even discussed or mentioned on the campaign trail, coming off of a presidential election. that stunning stuff. and when we look at the various causes, the impact, we have in most families in which we are fortunate enough to have two parents available for the one our children in that home, you're seeing people delayed
10:41 pm
childbirth. in some cases delay or not getting married. we watched marriage rates decline. what are we to do? >> what is funny is that over europe and in asia there more obsessed with demographics that i am. really the plicy over there, and it is coming to us. the question is will return to this too late? and i hope not. but what we need to do is make family life easier for the people who still want to have kids. lou: you mean what we're saying that we should do, encourage people to get married? should we be encouraging people to have more children? how do we make easier to create a family in an environment which, frankly, in this country has become, to meet at least the next for nearly an from the tea and families. >> the good news is there's a big gap between ideal fertility, the number of people the children said they want to have, remarkably constant and actual
10:42 pm
fertility. there is some hope, and will we need to do is think about policies that might not be explicitly. building more highways. lou: did you just a building more hihways. >> and other don't like to hear this. people move to the suburbs because they want to be close to cut some traces of jobs. suburban life making it easier to raise a family. increase your access to jobs. college causes a huge problem. the real cost is increased by 1,000 percent over the last 35 years. if there were any other sector would be saying, this is broken. we need to reform it. lou: on this broadcast we're talking about the fact that some of the biggest baubles education and one of the most poorly run then additional institutions in the country is, unfortunately, higher education. thank you for being here. good book. i recommend it highly. it is what to expect when no one is it expecting.
10:43 pm
it is available on-line. coming up tomorrow, congressman joins us, the chairman of the house judiciary subcommittee on immigration and border security. former reagan adviser industry legend joins us, veteran democratic campaign strategist joining us tomorrow for those folks and more. and go to for those star facebook page, twitter comments in the sunnyvale. up next, one of our so-called allies rolling out a very warm welcome for this fellow. i'm sure you recognize them. [ indistinct conversations ] [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know it, but your mouth is under attack. food particles infiltrate and bacteria proliferate. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth
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♪ lou: joining me now, the "a-team," former prosecutor, fox is legal analyst, former congressional candidate, fox is contributor : democratic strategist grover zimmerman. good to have you all year.
10:47 pm
your president nagging. the president actually demanding higher revenue if congress does in the favor of deferring sequester. now, with that fit into the definition of his book, do you think? >> well, itis not about demanding. talking abut closing tax loopholes. the president said in an interview with me that he opposed. it's out of favor. lou: it's a favor to the presidency has been hoisted on his own tared that he created in a moment of genius like activity within not white house. >> of republicans endorsed. >> absolutely. >> they are insane and insanity. guinness been no way to prosperity, texas weather prosperity. the budget cuts.
10:48 pm
>> into this. why do we keep putting enough to make any business in a private sector and the people did not get their jobs and kept kicking it down the road it would be fired. >> let me be clear to both of you that i was one of the few democrats tuesday and called this whole process a bipartisan disgrace when it was adopted. >> but today with net romney, sequestration would not happen. he did not say how. >> wrigley come aid was designed to man this is the responsibility of the democrats and republicans in congress to make sure it does not happen. lou: that is the responsibility of the man he declared it, that would be the president, not congress, and it is his problem because, of wrigley, he is responsible for it, and there is no way to get away from the reality. now if i may change the subject, it seems as if the president shows 115 east and as a time in which to blunt eric cantor is
10:49 pm
rather dramatic statements about the priorities of the republican party or you wanted to change the discussion in washington. which was it? >> i think what he was doing was trying to talk about real issues verses his fourth time trying to rebec -- read brand the same mold package. three years ago he called the young guns. remember that? >> it hurts my little hearts. >> does not the three branding. we don't need a different message. we need advocacy and strategy. >> maybe anger management therapy. one-and-a-half percent, and you're talking about a tie. the democrats are running around , by the way, some republicans, the party went down by ten points. we're coming right back with my friends, the "a-team," here in just a moment. and they will take up another only in chicago story, a judge who claimed insanity looks like
10:50 pm
she has a very good case. we are just wondering why it took so long for there to be a
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
♪ lou: a judge ruled she was not guilty of pushing a sheriff's deputy in the courtroom by reason of insanity. that's right. the judge ruled insane legally. testimony in the misdemeanor battery case reveals she has been suffering from serious mental illness for years, hospitalized for psychotic episodes five times. chicago ters knew she was facing those charges in november they still reelected her for another 6-year term. the judge has been suspended
10:54 pm
since last march but is still collecting her $180,000 per year taxpayers salary. you're the expert. >> insane any way you look at it. it's crazy, whether it's legal or not. lou: this is, as i want to remind everybody, chicago. >> the judge found she did know right from wrong. i know. i know. she absolutely assaulted this deputy. she went in there. a couple of instances. i left my keys. the charge of five turkeys. a fighter three pairs of skis and she still -- this should not have happened. i don't understand this. lou: the legal system itself, is it fair to say right now, as having a psychotic episode? i mean, we're watching cases that take years, years to reach a ruling. we're talking about a criminal case, the zimmerman case in florida. i'm not here to be fair. seriously.
10:55 pm
it is another question of being fair to anyone. the reality is, that young man is still in big trouble. >> and these looking at a hearing for coming down the road. the defense actually as for the trial to be postponed and the drug in that case said, no, we are going to go ahead. lou: to win the world should have to put up with this kind of torturous, mountainous debt, this torturous process. this is not justice as envisioned by the founders. >> on the back of taxpayers. >> the mentally ill. thank you for not being attacked as she is probably a democrat. lou: probay? >> a real serious problem, you have a judge elevated. end sentencing every day. lou: let's go to senator bob menendez in new jersey.
10:56 pm
the start ledger's said perhaps as conduct is unbecoming, unworthy and perhaps he is unfit to hold office. somebody should check that out. that is a blistering attack against a democratic senator. what is the deal here? isn't there a standard of conduct for a public official and the lager? >> the chairman of the foreign relations committee cannot abide by the law and a foreign country. lou: and if you want to do a parody of that. >> tell you how this is a seririous question, the senate investigation and the senate ethics committee. the point, a valid point. lou: into the same bucket as benghazi? >> excuse me. let me finish. i think it's important here. obviously -- lou: as long as you are both speaking in thinking it is important. >> your support to.
10:57 pm
senator bentsen from nevada winter an investigation of the ethics committee. lou: democratic examples. >> we will see. >> senator menendez. let the facts come out and it will be dealt with. i think this rush to judgment is inappropriate. lou: the same reason, are you guess perfectly willing toait for the fbi investigation? >> under eric holder, no? no. lou: justice being pursued year. >> let's remember, this is not a political got a moment. the crisis was a terrible tragedy. repeated investigations, reforms have been put in place, and you can recognize that. lou: one of the things i find so compelling is the president of the united states mentioned the two former navy seals who were cia operatives to give their lives to defend those other employees of the consulate in
10:58 pm
the annex. he has mentioned that the number of times. they do so much. always good to see you. >> always make you proud. lou: very quickly, can you tell me he did the back row check on the drug cartels that obama sold the assault weapons to? their use to kill americans. no, yes to lend more than 200 mexican citizens. no, i can't. officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy! with an online package including: domain name, website builder with five pages and bac email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers and only at officemax stores! i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®,
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